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August 16, 2016

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On the Show:

–Abby Schachter,author of No Child Left Alone: Getting Government Out of Parenting, joins David to discusses what she describes as terrible government overreach in the area of raising children.

–Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, actually have identical economic plans in certain areas.

–Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claims there was no Islamic terror on US soil before President Barack Obama took office

–Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, vacations with Vladimir Putin’s “serious girlfriend”, Wendy Deng Murdoch, in Croatia.

–Instagram: David plays old school video games: NBA Jam, Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat II and Ms. Pacman.

–President Barack Obama warns to not get too confident about Hillary Clinton’s massive lead over Donald Trump.

–Donald Trump is setting himself up to blame a potential loss on a ‘rigged election’.

–Video:  Vice President Joe Biden gives Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton the longest awkward hug before Pennsylvania rally.

–New producer staffer, Jason Shepherd, receives his first interweb hate reeking of ignorance and illiteracy.

–Voicemail: Caller parrots debunked Mexican wall talking points.

–On the Bonus Show:  Philippine drug killings continue, NBA player beat Phelps, Texas lawmaker targets gun-free businesses and more…

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