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April 9, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Jen Briney, host of Congressional Dish podcast, joins David in studio as guest co-host

–The latest jobs report misses economist expectations and we contextualize Donald Trump’s bragging about the same numbers that were “fake” under Barack Obama as well as even bigger double standards

–A shocking new report debunks the “97% consensus” on climate change, pointing out that, in fact, 99.94% of peer-reviewed climate science studies support the view that human activity on earth is impacting the climate, including changing air and ocean temperatures

–After Donald Trump singles out for tax avoidance as a cover for his attacks on the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, it is revealed that in fact pays taxes in more states than does Trump’s own web store

–Fortunately for Ivanka Trump, her Chinese-made clothing line will be spared from Donald Trump’s tariffs in yet another example of the President passing laws that benefit or avoid hurting his friends and family members as rampant nepotism and swamp filling continues

–After a tragic death in Trump Tower due to a fire, Donald Trump takes to Twitter to brag about the building being “well built,” and we find out that Trump fought the very sprinkler laws that would have likely prevented this death from happening in the first place

–Republican South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman pulls out a loaded pistol during a community meeting with constituents and groups working to reduce gun violence, reportedly to make the point that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”

–Voicemail caller says we should interview flat-earthers

–On the Bonus Show: Jen Briney’s Congressional Dish podcast, Buzz Aldrin on UFOs, video-recording our dreams, much more…

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