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April 29, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Ann Neumann, author, columnist, and visiting scholar at The Center for Religion and Media at New York University, joins David to discuss Operation Warp Speed, the global vaccination effort, and who “owns” the COVID vaccines

–President Joe Biden delivers his first speech before a joint session of Congress, and makes it a policy-heavy speech with numerous specific proposals

–Republicans and right wing media are highly triggered by President Joe Biden’s first speech before a joint session of Congress, reacting wildly in any number of ways

–Joe Biden is officially the anti-Reagan, with his “Bidenomics” policies representing the total antithesis of Reaganomics

–Donald Trump’s (former?) personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has his apartment and office raided by federal agents as part of an investigation into his possible criminality

–Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani, delivers an impassioned and delusional statement in response to the raid at Rudy’s home and office

–Fox News says that Joe Biden is essentially Bernie Sanders (who is a socialist) as a result of his proposed spending package

–Voicemail caller calls David out for agreeing with the CDC’s new guidelines about outdoor masking

–On the Bonus Show: Americans see Biden as more moderate than Obama, NYPD robot dog will be returned, Jeopardy contestant’s hand signal causes uproar, much more…

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