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April 2, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Ian Pearson, Futurist at Futurizon, joins David to discuss the future of life extension technology and the potential for the total transfer of consciousness out of the physical body

–After Russia expels 60 American diplomats, Donald Trump surprisingly — or not — has absolutely nothing to say about it

–It turns out that Russia will be able to replace the 60 expelled spies with 60 new ones in the US, effectively neutering the bite of Donald Trump’s recent decision

–We’re cutting commercials and expanding The David Pakman Show, with your help!

–Donald Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer, David Schwartz, completely implodes on Megyn Kelly’s daytime show, making a complete fool of himself with a bogus explanation relating to the Stormy Daniels situation

–Fox News’ Laura Ingraham mocks Parkland Florida student David Hogg, which results in an effective advertiser boycott, ending with an abruptly announced “vacation” for Ingraham

–Russian bots rally behind Laura Ingraham as her advertisers bail due to a call for boycott by Parkland student David Hogg

–Voicemail about a third scenario where it is okay to kill bears, according to the Eggman

–On the Bonus Show: Local news goes totally corporate, making your blood deadly to mosquitoes, synthetic pot outbreak, much more…

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