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April 15, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – April 15th, 2009

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Total Running Time: 56:31

This Week’s Topics:

–Dan Viederman, Executive Director of Verité, a nonprofit, training, research, and social auditing organization, is live in studio.

–Tea parties and teabagging on tax day ends up basically as a Fox News event.

–Both commentators and reporters on Fox give their fair and balanced take on the teabagging, although some say it is just another way for Republicans to voice their displeasure with Barack Obama.

–The National Organization for Marriage comes out with an unbelievable ad about gay marriage taking away their freedom, and then pulls it from embarassment. Not to be outdone, they follow it up with a new campaign they are nicknaming 2M4M, a calling card for gay male threesomes in personal ads and on the internet.

–Conservative Dennis Prager says that gay marriage is as important an issue right now as the economy.

–Texas Congresswoman Betty Brown asks the Asian community to change their names so they are easier for Americans to deal with, or maybe just so she doesn’t sound so stupid trying to pronounce them.

–Even after the recent shootings, media conservatives continue to fearmonger about Barack Obama taking your guns.

–Dick Morris, in his latest rant, says that President Obama gave away American economic sovereignty to Europe at the G20 summit.

–Leon Panetta bans CIA use of contract workers to interrogations, so we can rest assured that from now on, all interrogation will be done by the actual CIA.

–Ronald Regan’s adopted son Michael says that so far, Barack Obama’s presidency has been anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, and pro-abortion.

–Just over half of Americans believe that capitalism is better than socialism.

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