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April 1, 2016

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–Classic Interview: Seth Mnookin, Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair, joins us to discuss the recent hoax involving claims by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that MMR vaccinations had caused autism in children

–Entrepreneur Richard Branson has announced plans for less expensive supersonic flights

–Flashback: Barack Obama’s internet press conference where he took questions submitted via the web

–Flashback: David gets involved in a bizarre Mexican restaurant situation involving reservations

–Flashback: After Mitt Romney called Tesla a “loser” in the 2012 Presidential debates, Tesla posts its first ever profit

–Audience Questions: Are there any social rules that completely baffle you?

–Audience Questions: When should juvenile offenders receive life sentences, it at all?

–Audience Questions: Is house size or location more important?

–On the Bonus Show: North Korea prepares for famine, Pakistan detains over 5,000 after bombing, Mississippi pleads guilty to supporting ISIS, more…

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