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–On the Show:

–NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announces that NASA plans to go back to the moon and to have four astronauts live there for two weeks

–Donald Trump Jr. goes on Sean Hannity’s show and unironically says he wishes he could profit off his father’s presidency

–Caller wonders why Republicans seem to have a monopoly on Christian values

–Caller discusses whether teachers should bring politics into the classroom

–Caller talks about media literacy

–Caller is skeptical of how the stock market would do under a President Bernie Sanders

–Caller discusses the possibility of Bernie Sanders choosing Tulsi Gabbard as his Vice President

–Caller suggests a $15 minimum wage would hurt some communities

–Audience Question: Can you please disclose all of you investments?

–Audience Question: Should you continue to cover Tulsi Gabbard?

–Audience Question:  Is it transphobic to be annoyed by unprovoked pronoun declarations?

–On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat tells a story about his pants getting stolen, and much more…

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