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–On the Show:

–David announces that neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris will be on the show next week

–Caller wishes to know how to get through to Trump supporters

–Caller claims progressive hosts like David don’t know what it’s like to struggle

–Caller wants more say in how tax dollars are spent

–Caller doesn’t think universities should have general education requirements

–Caller talks about Bernie Sanders holding campaign rallies in red states

–Caller discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a two-state solution

–Caller questions whether Russian election interference changed the results of the 2016 election

–Audience Question: How come the left doesn’t have grifters like the right?

–Audience Question: Why is Andrew Yang surging in the polls?

–Audience Question: Can any candidate besides Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren win the Democratic nomination?

–On the Bonus Show: First Amendment group wants AOC to unblock users, world’s longest cruise sets sail, Bernie Sanders wants to cancel medical debt, and much more…

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