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–On the Show:

–Our long form deep dive into the continued problems of regulating social media and content platforms, including possible solutions on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more

–Embarrassing hilarity ensues in British parliament as new Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffers abandonment once again putting Brexit is in jeopardy

–Donald Trump’s allies are raising money to target journalists in the latest escalating of the authoritarian fight against a free press

–This week’s Hatriot Mail

–Donald Trump congratulates Poland on the anniversary of when they were invaded in a bizarre video

–A religious zealot named Kat Kerr commands Hurricane Dorian to turn right, away from the coast, in the name of Jesus

–Voicemail caller suggests that it’s time for either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren exit the 2020 Democratic primary in order to surpass Joe Biden

–On the Bonus Show: Conversion therapy group comes out as gay, Dems want to look into Trump’s hush money payments, non-drinker charged with DUI gets $1 million settlement, much more…

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