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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 15, 2012

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On the Show:

–Craig Smith, Chairman of Swiss America and author of The Great Debasement, joins David to debate whether President Obama, and more broadly Democrats, are bad for the economy.

–World View with Denis Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of UK Progressive Magazine, discusses the latest turmoil at the BBC.

–Florida man named Henry Hamilton, who warned he wouldn’t “be around” if President Obama was re-elected, appears to have killed himself after the election.

–Christian NFL football player Tim Tebow gets an endorsement with Tivo, and we wonder whether Tivo should be avoided given Tebow’s connections to hate group Focus on the Family.

–Pat Robertson gives his take on “Fifty Shades of Grey,” mentioning pornography, gay men, and more in what might be the most awkward Pat Robertson clip ever.

–31-year-old woman Savita Praveen Halappanavar is denied an abortion and dies in hospital.

–Why don’t secessionists just renounce their citizenship?

–Ron Paul gives his farewell address to Congress, since he is retiring at the end of the year.

–Mitt Romney’s economic adviser Glenn Hubbard calls for raising taxes on the rich, contradicting the entire Republican campaign.

–Voicemail & email on Ashley Judd running for Congress, homeless man arrested for charging cell phone in park, more.

–On the Bonus Show: Rat infestation, power still out in NYC highrises, rockets strike Tel Aviv suburb, more…

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