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September 9, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Republicans will likely try to block Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness

— Steve Bannon turns himself in to police over his “We Build the Wall” scam and makes a big show out of it

— Trump attorney Christina Bobb claims the FBI search of Trump’s home was illegal and unconstitutional

— Vegan caller wants David to talk to a cow

— Caller talks about fixing the high cost of college

— Caller wants David to interview the “Birds Aren’t Real” people

— Caller asks about a former president becoming vice president

— Caller points out that many Americans are authoritarian

— Caller is a college student who plans on voting in the midterms

— Caller talks about “canceled” people becoming “uncanceled”

— David responds to viewer emails

— On the Bonus Show: Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96, Trump tried to pay a lawyer with a horse, and much more…

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