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September 7, 2023

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— On the Show:

— A review of how the right wing broke America, including through elections, courts, culture, and more

— A look at Project 2025 and Agenda 47, which if implemented after the potential election of Donald Trump in 2024, would turn the United States into a dictatorship, with Trump as the dictator

— President Joe Biden is entering a polling crisis on the basis of some disastrous new polling and approval numbers, raising new questions about a 2024 Democratic presidential primary

— Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew appears on Fox News to push the racist Great Replacement theory and is welcomed with open arms

— Fox News interviews supposed “swing voters” and it is an absolute disaster

— Another lawsuit is filed, this one in Colorado, to disqualify Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot on the basis of violating the 14th Amendment to the Constitution

— Donald Trump flips out on right-wing host Hugh Hewitt during an interview over Hewitt’s questions regarding Trump’s criminal trials

— Former Arkansas Republican Governor Mike Huckabee says that it Donald Trump loses in 2024, the next election will be “decided by bullets”

— Voicemail caller asserts that even if Donald Trump died of natural causes, his MAGA cult followers would claim he was assassinated

— On the Bonus Show: Floating Rio Grande barrier must be removed per court, Florida man arrested trying to cross Atlantic Ocean in hamster wheel vessel, special counsel to indict Hunter Biden in gun case, much more…

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