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September 29, 2023

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— On the Show:

— New polling shows that Republicans see Donald Trump as more of a “person of faith” than even Mitt Romney, whose Mormon identity is the most recognizable thing about him

— Ken Blackwell, a Republican with a history of making it harder to vote, says that automatic voter registration actually takes away people’s rights in an unintelligible rant

— Caller worries the term “social democracy” sounds too much like socialism

— Caller asks about Briahna Joy Gray’s progressive purity tests

— Caller talks about the health benefits of broccoli

— Caller discusses Republicans’ plan to gut public schools

— Caller suspects the existence of aliens would be good for Republicans

— The Friday Feedback segment

— On the Bonus Show: Dianne Feinstein dead at 90, Gavin Newsom trolls Ron DeSantis, and much more…

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