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September 28, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Foreign dignitaries present at the recent United Nations General Assembly make clear that they were laughing at Donald Trump when he bragged about accomplishing more than any other president in his first two years

–Caller argues education is a more important meta-issue than money in politics

–Caller reviews Michael Moore’s new documentary film “Fahrenheit 11/9”

–Caller warns about a medical school teaching pseudoscientific homeopathy as fact

–Caller believes publicly shaming politicians is counterproductive to gaining power

–Caller points out America can afford healthcare and education for its lawmakers but apparently not for its average citizens

–Caller speculates whether Michael Avenatti will be the 2020 Democratic nominee

–Caller wonders whether David sides with Jimmy Dore or Sam Seder on progressive purity tests

–Caller attempts to argue that today’s Democratic Party is focused on violence and identity politics

–Caller talks term limits for lawmakers and judges and statehood for Washington DC and the US territories

–Audience Question: Should prostitution be stigmatized by society?

–Audience Question: Should crimes committed as a teenager affect someone into adulthood?

–Audience Question: Can a person be “convinced” to be gay?

–On the Bonus Show: Russia is wooing white South African farmers, Six Flags St. Louis makes a 30-hour coffin challenge, humans are causing the earth to wobble, and much more…

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