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September 14, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Dr Phil Plait, astronomer, science communicator, and author of several books on space and our place in it, joins David to discuss astrology, and why it is patently bogus pseudoscience

— Another Republican can come up with nothing when asked whether they have any evidence at all to support an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, this time Republican Congressman Mike Waltz

— Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi struggles to explain why so many Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run for re-election during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper

— Failed former President Donald Trump and other Republicans are now claiming that Democrats are “bringing back” COVID in order to “rig” the 2024 election, which makes no sense

— Megyn Kelly interviews the failed former President Donald Trump, and the interview does not go well

— 2024 Republican Presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gets rare applause from the Fox News crowd when he tells Sean Hannity that his administration would kill people at the US-Mexico border

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney announces he will not run for re-election, and criticizes Donald Trump and the MAGA wing of the party when taking questions about his decision

— Voicemail caller asks whether David will write a critical thinking book for older folks

— On the Bonus Show: Discussing the deterrent effect of criminal penalties for different crimes, four years why your car insurance may be increasing, a jury awards $100,000 to gay couple denied marriage license in Kentucky by county clerk Kim Davis, much more…

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