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October 8, 2021

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–On the Show:

–White House reporters, including Fox News’ Peter Doocy, simply will not stop asking absurd questions of Press Secretary Jen Psaki during press briefings

–Fox News absolutely loses it over a relatively milquetoast comment from Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID and the upcoming Christmas holiday

–Caller gives an update about the COVID disaster in the state of Alaska

–Socialist caller asks for advice about de-radicalizing other leftists

–Caller asks whether moderates and centrists are necessarily corrupt

–Caller wonders what ever became of the Intellectual Dark Web

–Caller asks why the left is so terrible at branding and messaging

–An instant favorite caller from Mexico is hesitant to travel to the United States

–A DACA recipient calls in

–Caller asks about American kids still stuck in Afghanistan

–This week’s email bag, including some rancid hate mail

–On the Bonus Show: A very special and bizarre Bonus Show

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