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October 28, 2022

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— On the Show:

— A new study published on Plos One finds that Americans die younger in conservative states than in progressive ones

— Lara Logan goes on an unhinged rant on LindellTV about elites consuming the blood of children

— Caller wonders if MyPillow guy Mike Lindell is sincere

— Caller asks about climate protesters damaging priceless works of art to get their message across

— Caller talks about Republicans having low standards for their candidates

— Caller asks what would have happened if Mike Pence went along with Donald Trump’s 2020 election plan

— Caller talks about the Pennsylvania Senate race between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman

— Caller wonders if they should leave the country over Republican insanity

— David responds to viewer emails

— On the Bonus Show: Neurologist says Fetterman’s issues are “purely linguistic,” young voters expected to turn out big in midterms, MTG flees a call-in show, and much more…

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