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October 28, 2021

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–On the Show:

–David Liss, health services researcher at Northwestern University who specializes in researching primary care medicine, joins David to discuss whether routine health screenings, check-ups, physicals, and other interventions actually increase quality of life, health status, and life expectancy

–Attorney Steven Donziger is being sent to prison in one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice of its kind in recent years

–After both Republicans and centrist Democrats have gutted the infrastructure and spending bill, should progressives vote against it?

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about 2024, “antibody passports,” work visas and shortages, and much more

–Donald Trump’s coup lawyer, John Eastman, is caught on hidden camera by the Undercurrent’s Lauren Windsor bragging about the January 6 coup memo

–Joe Rogan slams paternity leave and Pete Buttigieg as going after paternity leave becomes more and more popular

–Republican Senator Ted Cruz cites Nazi salutes in a bizarre defense of “free speech” during a recent hearing

–Voicemail caller wildly claims, without evidence, that the Alec Baldwin shooting was a false flag planned to justify seizing guns from Americans

–On the Bonus Show: Billionaires could end starvation, Iran will return to nuclear negotiations, cigarette sales up in 2020 for the first time in 20 years, much more…

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