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October 27, 2021

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–On the Show:

–COVID cases are now down 59% from their Delta wave peak in the US, with deaths down 35%, but cases globally are increasing again, raising questions about the path forward

–Examining whether any religions actually prohibit vaccination in the context of people claiming “religious exemptions”

–Fox Host Neil Cavuto’s audience wants him dead as a result of his advocating for vaccination, partially a monster he himself created

–Dr. Deborah Birx estimates that Donald Trump’s administration could have prevented 30-40% of COVID deaths had he taken the pandemic more seriously

–Republican Congressman Mo Brooks throws his staff under the bus, saying they might have been involved in planning the January 6 Trump riots

–At least 5 former Donald Trump administration staffers are actively speaking to the January 6 House committee investigating the Trump riots

–A fan of Charlie Kirk asks when they can “use guns” to “kill these people” during an unhinged event

–Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is hit with multiple complaints alleging that she illegally spent campaign funds

–Voicemail caller is a serious victim of vaccine disinformation and a great example how difficult it is to combat disinformation

–On the Bonus Show: Democrats target billionaires with tax plan, college enrollment continues down since pandemic’s start, judge won’t allow Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims to be called victims, much more…

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