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October 26, 2023

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— On the Show:

— 22 are dead and 50 injured in a horrifying mass shooting in Maine

— Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity’s plan to not get shot includes martial arts

— Republicans elect MAGA extremist election denier Congressman Mike Johnson to be Speaker of the House and Donald Trump takes credit for it

— Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz correctly points out that MAGA is still in power, as evidenced by the election of MAGA Republican Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House

— Republicans shout down a reporter for asking newly elected Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson about his 2020 election lies

— A bizarre-looking neon orange Donald Trump storms out of court, wildly triggered by his own former lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony

— Fox News hosts aren’t sure how to handle tremendously good new GDP numbers, and they suggest the economy might be too good

— Lawyer and former acting US solicitor general Neal Katyal explains why Mark Meadows being granted immunity is a disastrous thing for Donald Trump

— Voicemail caller is audibly shocked that David is able to keep his life “together”

— On the Bonus Show: Sam Bankman-Fried will testify in his own defense, Ron DeSantis bans pro-Palestinian group from state campuses, US Congressman Jamaal Bowman criminally charged for pulling fire alarm at US Capitol, much more…

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