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October 23, 2023

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— On the Show:

— The Republican Party continues in crisis, now seeing nine different candidates for Speaker of the House as they are unable to coalesce behind any one candidate

— President Joe Biden’s speech a few days ago was so good, that even Fox News hosts and anchors have no choice but to admit it

— New audio reveals billionaire Anthony Pratt admitting that President Donald Trump revealed secret information to him in private

— Judge Arthur Engoron fines Donald Trump and threatens him with prison for violating the gag order placed on him previously

— After former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell pleaded guilty in Georgia, Donald Trump lies that she was never his lawyer

— More than one of failed former President Donald Trump’s lawyers may be testifying against him, in the latest bad news for Trump

— Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans “woke” words, and meanwhile, Arkansas is failing economically

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney crushes Donald Trump, and the Republican Party, as he prepares to retire

— Despite all the insanity taking place, Donald Trump reaches a new high in polling in the 2024 Republican presidential primary

— Voicemail caller tells David that he is a piece of $&!t

— On the Bonus Show: Oklahoma AG sues to stop first public religious school, Argentina Presidential election goes haywire, Mitch McConnell says he is completely recovered, but from what?

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