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October 21, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Lara Logan, former respected journalist turned conspiracy theorist, goes on a bizarre rant about the great replacement theory

— Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker brings a bunch of sheriffs on stage with him at a campaign event to give credibility to him carrying a fake police badge

— Caller compares Trump and Biden’s stimulus packages

— Caller talks about the natural-born citizen requirement to become president

— Caller discusses reframing issues like taxes

— Caller worries the Federal Reserve is doing too much too fast and will hurt the economy

— Caller points out that young independent women are becoming more Republican

— Caller briefly speaks about Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake

— Caller asks about antisemitism

— David responds to viewer emails and messages

— On the Bonus Show: College admissions drop letting up, Trump testifies in E. Jean Carroll case, Evan McMullin could determine control of the Senate, and much more…

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