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October 19, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Jonathan Conyers, author of “I Wasn’t Supposed to Be Here,” entrepreneur, and neonatal pediatric specialist known by many as one of the best speech and debate coaches, joins David to discuss debating and influencing people. Get the book:

— After initial reports blamed Israel for the bombing of a hospital in Gaza, all evidence now points to Palestinians, and this further fuels the propaganda war

— President Joe Biden has a functional and successful trip to the Middle East, announces Palestinian aid, helps to secure passage of aid through Egypt, and generally behaves like a normal person

— Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, despite being endorsed by Donald Trump, loses yet another vote for Speaker of the House

— Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks says she received death threats after voting against Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

— Failed former President Donald Trump explodes, wildly attacking Judge Engoron outside of the New York courthouse

— Right-winger Harlan Crow, known for his generous gifts to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has made the maximum legal donation to Cornel West’s presidential campaign

— Absolutely outrageous MAA Trumpist leaves a voicemail for David

— On the Bonus Show: Poll finds support for exploring alternatives to democracy, AI reads text from ancient scroll for the first time, Lauren Boebert loses donors to Republican primary challenger, much more…

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