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October 18, 2023

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— On the Show:

— A hospital in Gaza is bombed and blame is traded about who is responsible, Israel, Hamas, or Islamic Jihad

— Republican Congressman Jim Jordan loses the first House Speaker vote, despite Trump’s confidence that Jordan will win

— A stunning new poll appears to confirm that Robert F. Kennedy Jr running as an independent is bad for Donald Trump and good for Joe Biden

— Elon Musk will start charging new users of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, $1 per year to tweet

— Failed former President Donald Trump tries speaking outside of a courtroom in New York and fails badly

— Donald Trump explodes, posting 41 times to Truth Social in a 2-hour period

— Donald Trump released new videos in which he drops the “globalist” slur and claims that black prosecutor Letitia James is racist

— Senator Mitt Romney criticizes the roughly 70% of Republicans who say Trump won the 2020 election

— A MAGA preacher appears to have convulsions on stage while praising Donald Trump

— Voicemail caller asks whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will be on the show

— On the Bonus Show: Trump challengers begging for money, FDA faces pressure to act on red dye in food, most voters agree supporting Ukraine is in US interest, much more…

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