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October 12, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Donald Trump loses again, this time seeing his pick for Speaker of the House, Jim Jordan, lose to Steve Scalise among the Republican conference

— A discussion of Eric Levitz’s New York Magazine article, “A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is Doomed”

— Some Republicans turn on lying Republican Congressman George Santos after a superseding indictment is piled onto the charges against him

— Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, announces he is running for President, despite being apparently ineligible to be President due to being a naturalized citizen of the US, originally from Turkey

— An absolutely deranged failed former President Donald Trump speaks in West Palm Beach, Florida, and says Hezbollah is “smart,” and horrifies the world

— As a reminder that Donald Trump cares only about himself, Trump criticizes Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, because Netanyahu praised President Joe Biden’s response to the Hamas attack of this week

— Eric Trump appears to have found the “proof” that the 2020 election really was stolen from Donald Trump by Joe Biden

— As predicted, some in our own audience are turning on David and canceling memberships over his opinion about the recent Hamas terrorist attack in Israel

— Voicemail caller is a father who claims to have kicked his son out of the house for watching The David Pakman Show, and we’re hoping it’s merely satire

— On the Bonus Show: “Anti-war” MAGAs suddenly want war with Gaza, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ office oversaw purchase of $19,000 lectern, Walgreen’s pharmacists walk out of jobs over working conditions,  much more…

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