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November 4, 2016

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–On the Show:

–Classic interview: Scott Kaufman, Scientific Director of the Imagination Institute and researcher in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, joins David to discuss the myth of the alpha male

–White supremacists are planning an election day “show of force” to scare away black voters

–David recommends the documentary film First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon

Caller: Has David ever removed YouTube videos after publishing them?

–Caller: No matter who wins the Presidential election, they’re only getting one term, right?

–Caller proposes conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton actually wants Obamacare to fail because she is secretly pro-single payer healthcare

–Caller asks David what he thinks about The Young Turks, Dave Rubin, Abby Martin, and Sam Harris

–Caller says he feels “dirty” about the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton

–Caller wonders what will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the electoral vote and Donald Trump wins the popular vote

–Audience question: What’s the latest on David fainting?

–Audience question: Which companies do you boycott?

–Audience question: What are you shocked that people actually buy?

–On the Bonus Show: Europeans work 19% less than Americans, John Kasich keeps promise to not vote Trump, David’s noisy neighbor update, much more…

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