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November 3, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Saul Kassin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Williams College in Massachusetts, and author of DUPED: Why Innocent People Confess – And Why We Believe Their Confessions, joins David to discuss why innocent people frequently confess in the American justice system. Get the book:

— President Joe Biden devastates MAGA and the anti-democracy movement in a primetime speech to the nation

— Fox News hosts are absolutely furious about President Joe Biden’s speech to the country defending democracy, including Sean Hannity, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy and Jesse Watters

— Former President Barack Obama slams Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, as well as Donald Trump, during a campaign rally in Arizona

— Former President Bill Clinton perfectly sums up 2022 Republicans’ strategy, which is to anger voters, and then blame Democrats for the things Republicans themselves later destroy while in power

— Republican candidate Don Bolduc is confronted about his numerous repetitions of the bogus story that cat litter boxes are being placed in school bathrooms for students who identify as animals

— Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan refuses to back down from a Fox News mob audience during a town hall and is actually able to turn them around in real time

— Donald Trump’s newest spokeswoman once again raises the bar for delusional and dangerous comments

— Voicemail caller praises David’s lack of paywalls and reminds the audience that YouTube subscriptions are free

— On the Bonus Show: FCC commissioner calls for TikTok ban, “predatory gambling” has helped the lottery reach its super high jackpot, 7% of Pennsylvania voters dissuaded by John Fetterman’s stroke, much more…

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