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November 3, 2016

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–On the Show:

–George Lakey, author of Viking Economics, joins David to discuss the successes of Scandinavian economic models, as well as caveats about them

–Fox Host Brett Baier reports that FBI sources have told him that an indictment of Hillary Clinton is likely

–Hillary Clinton takes back some of her recent drops in polls, but one model places her chances of defeating Donald Trump at just 66%

–Stocks drop as a Donald Trump presidency seems more likely, and we should be prepared for significant stock market losses if Donald Trump wins

–2017 TDPS calendars are available! Get yours!

–Notable discussions from our Reddit forum, including about Producer Pat, a recent interview, how Nevada should be pronounced, and the war on drugs

–After promoting a press conference to speak publicly, Donald Trump’s child rape accuser and her lawyer Lisa Bloom cancel the press conference, citing death threats

–Christian zealot Jim Bakker claims that God will punish America if we do not elect Donald Trump President of the United States

–Donald Trump-supporting former KKK leader David Duke rails against Jews and suggests Hillary Clinton should get the electric chair at a debate in Louisiana

–Voicemail telling David to “get a life” and “get a real job”

–On the Bonus Show: Family & politics followup, Chicago Cubs win World Series, the imaginary “shy” Trump voters, much more…

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