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November 29, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Republicans panic as Hunter Biden offers to publicly testify

— Donald Trump’s lawyers argue that Trump never actually swore an oath to “defend” the Constitution

— Republican Senator John Kennedy faceplants badly as he tries to pull the “dangerous urban gun crime” routine during a Senate hearing

— Republican Congressman George Santos is on the verge of tears as he claims he doesn’t care if he gets expelled from the House of Representatives

— Liz Cheney says that Donald Trump was refusing to eat in the aftermath of the 2021 Trump riots

— Using a classic abuser line, Trump and his lawyers argue that the court clerk who received death threats “allowed herself” to be abused

— Failed former President Donald Trump calls for MSNBC to be shut down in a disgusting dictatorial Truth Social rant

— The conspiracy theory about President Joe Biden’s supposed criminality implodes on Fox News in real time

— Donald Trump reportedly called Iowa evangelicals “so-called Christians” and “pieces of (expletive)”

— Voicemail caller suggests that left wingers need guns to protect themselves from right wingers with guns

— On the Bonus Show: Charlie Munger dead at 99, US life expectancy starts to recover after sharp decline, Sandy Hook families make Alex Jones an offer, much more…

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