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November 27, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney says that even many Democrats are better than Donald Trump for President, wildly triggering MAGA Republicans

— President Joe Biden explains the timing of the October 7 Hamas attack against Israel as related to the potential for normalization of relations between Arab countries and Israel

— Donald Trump’s polling surges again, hitting a new record high for the 2024 Republican primary and putting him above 60% for the first time

— Jenna Ellis, one of many former lawyers for Donald Trump and his campaign, turns on MAGA and calls it a cult

— Failed former President Donald Trump has an epic meltdown as Joe Biden continues to do things

— Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson reports that “people” are asking about Biden’s age on Nantucket, but the only person who asked about it was Tomlinson himself

— Donald Trump is brutally booed when attending the Clemson-South Carolina college football game

— David was turned into Tucker Carlson by AI in the process of having his content stolen

— Streamer Ian Vaush attacks David as a “bloodthirsty psychopath” while providing not a single citation

— Voicemail caller unleashes disgusting hate on David amidst wild allegations of socialism

— On the Bonus Show: Former police officer Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison, Elon Musk sues Media Matters, George Santos says he expected to be expelled from Congress, much more…

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