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November 22, 2023

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— On the Show:

— A 5 day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is established, during which some hostages will be released, in a 3-to-1 ratio of Palestinians to Israelis

— President Joe Biden helps to secure a hostage deal in the Israel-Hamas war, and while most networks report on this, Fox News reports that Joe Biden is old

— A potential 2024 Republican disaster comes into focus as Democrats raise almost twice as much money as Republicans in October

— Republicans are blaming President Joe Biden for supposedly high turkey prices this Thanksgiving, despite turkey prices being down from last year

— Failed former President Donald Trump releases a bizarre medical statement about his physical and cognitive health

— Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in rage over Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds endorsing Ron DeSantis over him

— Donald Trump releases a dangerous fascist rant about going after his political enemies if elected President in 2024

— The Trump civil fraud trial has Trump’s worst day so far as a witness ties Trump personally to the fraud conspiracy

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, polling just 2%, continues to go after Donald Trump

— Educated workers across the country are fleeing red states in favor of blue states

— Voicemail caller confronts David about his belief system

— On the Bonus Show: Biden approval ticks up over stronger economy, Mike Johnson says Americans misunderstand separation of church and state, appeals court says private citizens and civil rights group can’t sue under the Voting Rights Act, much more…

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