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November 15, 2016

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–On the Show:

–Ray Comfort, Evangelist Minister, Television Host and Founder of Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master, joins David to discuss his new movie “The Atheist Delusion”

–Only a third of Americans are proud of the election of Donald Trump, less than half of the number that were proud of the election of Barack Obama

–With the election of Donald Trump, many Progressives have expressed interest in moving to Canada, but a better, more productive idea is to move to a swing state

–Congress will not try to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership through during the lame duck session, as there is no chance it would pass due to the deal’s growing unpopularity

–House Speaker Paul Ryan has been pushing to phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance; now with a Republican White House, he might be able to

–President-elect Trump campaigned on canceling the Paris Climate Agreement, but that might be met with a carbon tax on American imports according to Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy

–Donald Trump’s attorneys want to push off the upcoming class action lawsuit on Trump University until after he takes office, claiming he is currently too busy

–Former Imperial Wizard of the KKK David Duke commends Trump advisor Steve Bannon for his wide range of anti-Semitic comments

–A KKK parade is being scheduled in North Carolina on December 3rd to celebrate the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States

–Voicemail inquiring about purchasing two bushels of TDPS brand dehydrated spuds

–On the Bonus Show: Alaska Airlines flies first commercial flight on renewable jet fuel, 60% of students pursuing jobs that will be replaced by automation, Chelsea Clinton possibly running for Congress and much more…

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