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November 12, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Many Republican candidates running in 2022 have been accused of assault, or of threatening to murder people, including Sean Parnell, Herschel Walker, Max Miller, and Eric Greitens

–Stacey Abrams’ PAC has wiped out $212 million in medical debt for 108,000 people, a beautiful act that shouldn’t even be necessary in a country as rich as the United States

–Young caller wants to know the best way to get introduced to politics

–Jimmy from Philly calls in to talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse case

–Caller wonders if Kyle Rittenhouse will end up getting convicted of the homicide charges

–Caller wants to know about using the word “Hispanic” versus “Latino”

–Caller talks about the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Bruce Schroeder

–Caller is from Scotland and is appalled by American gun culture

–Caller wonders if there will be violence and rioting if Kyle Rittenhouse is not convicted

–Caller says that Kyle Rittenhouse is a victim of American gun culture

–David responds to this week’s viewer emails

–On the Bonus Show: Josh Hawley soft-launches 2024 campaign, YouTube to remove dislike counts, and much more…

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