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November 10, 2016

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–On the Show:

–After a long and heated election cycle there is this idea surfacing of working together and getting past differences, but both sides are so divided that it’s not productive or realistic to find a middle ground

–Republican Donald Trump won the Presidency by edging out the electoral vote, but more people in the country voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton

–Voter turnout was despicably low in the 2016 election due in part to lack of enthusiasm and voter suppression

–Notable discussions from The David Pakman Show Reddit

–The American people elected Donald Trump because he was an outsider and not paid off by special interests, yet a team of corporate lobbyists will select his cabinet

–Corporate media failed the American public systematically and ideologically in the 2016 election cycle, making the need for independent media larger than ever

–Donald Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office is totally flaccid and devoid of meaning

–Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is being considered for Interior Secretary in the Donald Trump Administration

–Donald Trump being elected President of the United States has legitimized the voice of the alt-right in this country and the ant-Semitic rhetoric that comes along with it

–Name suggestions for The David Pakman Show coffee blends have narrowed down to eight, and the two selections are now up for the audience to decide

–Voicemail encourages David to stay the course despite what the Hatriots have to say

–On the Bonus Show: Anti-Trump protests rage, Obama might push TPP before leaving office, methods for post-election self-care and much more…

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