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May 5, 2017

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–On the Show:

–President Trump was personally involved in the hunt to find the person at the National Park Service responsible for tweeting photos comparing the crowd size at Obama’s 2009 inauguration to Trump’s 2017 inauguration

–David recommends Amazon’s pilot episode of the show “Oasis”

–Caller wonders if David watches Alex Jones and Mark Dice

–Caller asks about ambush journalism and reporters breaking the law to get their story

–Caller demands more collaborations with Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski

–Caller wonders if mental health will be addressed in the new Republican health care plan

–Caller wonders how badly Republicans will mess up gay rights and health care

–Caller inquiries about the process David uses to select stories

–Caller promotes a process by which citizens can amend their state constitutions

–Caller wonders if the causes of the Civil War are still debated in northern states as they are in southern states

–Caller wonders if David talks politics outside of the show

–Audience Question: Should there be any censorship of “swear words” in media?

–Audience Question: Does technology actually make life easier, or just more hectic?

–Audience Question: Why are classic books “classic?” Does this really have any objective meaning or value?

–On the Bonus Show: Woman finds note from ‘Chinese prisoner’ in Walmart purse, Chechnya tells parents to kill their gay sons, 80% of Americans can’t find Arab countries on a map, and much more…

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