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May 3, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Bob Zeidman, the software engineer who debunked MyPillow Mike Lindell’s election fraud allegations and has claimed the offered $5 million reward, joins David to discuss the entire fiasco

— Right-wing content creator Steven Crowder and right-wingers would like women to have to stay married if they can’t point to “fault” for a divorce

— CNN is promoting their forthcoming Donald Trump town hall as if Trump is a normal person who was not arrested and did not incite a riotous insurrection

— Lawrence Jones, Tucker Carlson’s latest replacement, continues to humiliate himself

— Donald Trump’s recent interview with his own former propagandist Steve Bannon goes horribly wrong

— Donald Trump opens a 36-point lead over Ron DeSantis

— A visibly confused Donald Trump tries pandering to Christians during a religious interview

— Donald Trump reportedly grabbed a reporter’s phone during a childish tantrum

— Voicemail caller says he witnessed a crime in New York City

— On the Bonus Show: Late-night TV shows go dark as writers strike, US cigarette smoking rate hits new all-time low, California man guilty of killing 3 after doorbell prank, much more…

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