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Biden raid conspiracy persists, anti-vax nightmare returns

May 29, 2024

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— On the Show:

— After the tragic suicide of golfer Grayson Murray, antivaccine voices are blaming the vaccine, despite the likelihood that Murray was not even vaccinated against COVID

— Right wing voices like Tucker Carlson and Patrick Bet-David continue to pretend that President Joe Biden really had a plan to assassinate Donald Trump

— Donald Trump’s lawyer’s closing argument in Trump’s first criminal trial is described as “not good” and worse by legal experts

— Donald Trump throws a tantrum in the courtroom, refusing to look at the prosecutors

— A terrified Donald Trump struggles to read outside the courtoom, and makes a major mistake

— Lara Trump begs for donations as Trump’s first criminal trial is about to go to jury deliberation

— Steven Cheung, Donald Trump’s bizarre campaign spokesperson, looks like a movie villain

— Donald Trump explodes in a derange Truth Social rant, but might have made a critical mistake

— Jimmy Dore appears to have fallen for numerology and all other sorts of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories

— Jenna Ellis, former Trump lawyer, has lost her law license for three years

— Voicemail caller says that leftists coming after me for “body-shaming” Marjorie Taylor Greene are a reminder of why the left loses

— On the Bonus Show: DNC to virtually nominate Biden/Harris to bypass Ohio ballot issues, Judge Cannon rejects gag order request on Trump, Biden campaign sends Robert DeNiro to Trump’s criminal trial, much more…

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