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Trump booed at Libertarian convention, more fake crowd size claims

May 28, 2024

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— On the Show:

— A deranged Memorial Day message from failed former President Donald Trump reminds us that neither he nor Republicans truly “support the troops”

— A Republican amendment in Texas would effectively stop Democrats from being able to win any state-wide election

— Failed former President Donald Trump is brutally booed at the Libertarian Convention, and heckled so badly that he starts to glitch

— A completely staged crowd in Bronx, New York shows up to hear the rantings of a madman in the form of a Donald Trump speech, and right wing media fall for it

— Republican candidate Royce White says that women have become “too mouthy” as he attempts to unseat Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar

— A confused and disoriented Donald Trump salutes during a rendition of Amazing Grace, and salutes airplanes

— Donald Trump brags about his “beautiful relationship” with brutal dictator Kim Jong Un during a would-be softball interview with Tim Pool

— Donald Trump pretends that a NASCAR crowd is cheering for him when in reality they can barely see him

— Voicemail called can’t believe anyone is dumb enough to believe the conspiracy theory that Biden planned to kill Trump through use of force during the Mar-a-Lago search warrant

— On the Bonus Show: Libertarians nominate Chase Oliver spurning Trump and RFK Jr, government sues Ticketmaster, evaluating whether paper books or e-readers are better for the climate, much more…

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