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May 27, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Failed former President Donald Trump doubles down on speaking at the National Rifle Association convention after the Uvalde, Texas shooting

–Florida State Representative Randy Fine threatens President Joe Biden with gun violence in a recent tweet

–Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker is completely incoherent on multiple occasions when asked about dealing with gun violence

–Caller asks if it’s worth debating politics with racist people

–Caller’s mom suspects the Supreme Court leaker is left-wing

–Caller doesn’t think America is going to deal with mass shootings

–Caller asks about Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 mules” film

–Caller asks David why he isn’t conservative

–Caller wonders what factors play into someone’s political views

–Caller talks about the Arkansas governor’s race

–David responds to viewer emails and social media messages

–On the Bonus Show: Updates on failed police response to Uvalde shooting, Lauren Boebert accidently makes the case for gun control, Tennessee to make camping on public land a felony, and much more…

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