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Biden on drug conspiracy grows, Trump aide flees when everything goes wrong

May 21, 2024

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— Andrew Bustamante, former covert CIA officer and founder of the Everyday Espionage training platform, joins David to discuss his work, political bias within intelligence agencies, and much more. Check out Andrew’s platform:

— Republican Congressman and Doctor Ronny Jackson baselessly claims on Fox News that President Joe Biden is “juiced” on some kind of drug

— Jason Miller, top aide to Donald Trump, flees a bootlicker press conference outside Trump’s trial courthouse when it goes horribly wrong

— Alina Habba, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, self-humiliates by claiming Trump plans to testify on the same day that the defense rests without testimony from Trump

— Donald Trump admits to the basic facts of the criminal case against him on the last day of the trial

— Failed former President Donald Trump is reportedly totally asleep in court with his head hanging back

— Donald Trump hints at prosecuting the prosecutors who went after him if he becomes President again

— Trump’s social media company, which includes Truth Social, lost $327 million in Q1 this year

— Voicemail caller accuses David of “fearmongering” in his interview about H5N1 Bird Flu

— On the Bonus Show: Senate Democrats don’t believe Biden’s bad polls, Trump allies push bill to ban non-citizen voting even though it is illegal, Trump campaign threatens legal action over “The Apprentice” movie, much more…

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