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May 19, 2022

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–Baruch Fischhoff, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he studies how experts and non-experts think about risks, joins David to discuss human perception and evaluation of risk, how we decide whether activities are too risky, and more

–COVID explodes with an estimated 500,000 real infections per day

–Former President George W. Bush’s epic Freudian slip, referring to his own 2003 invasion of Iraq as brutal and unjustified during a recent speech

–Fox News hosts blame COVID masks, abortion, and “woke” culture for the Buffalo shooting

–Donald Trump loses it before and after this week’s primary election results in an authoritarian tirade published on Truth Social

–The same people who released compromising videos of Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn say they will be targeting Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert next

–Former Trump administration official Peter Navarro says that once Republicans take over, they will force Dr. Anthony Fauci to admit that he created COVID

–Voicemail caller wonders why we would lie to young people about the reality of the world

–On the Bonus Show: Majority of young Americans without debt supporting Biden cancelling it, US soccer agrees to equal pay deal, former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli released from prison, much more…

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