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May 19, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Coronavirus cases are now down almost 90% in the United States

–Europe announces it will open to vaccinated Americans for travel by the end of June

–Many Republicans, including some Republican leaders, are opposed to an investigation into the January 6 Trump riots

–New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office confirms that the investigation into the Trump Organization has evolved from merely a civil probe into a criminal investigation

–Multiple January 6th Trump rioters are trying versions of the “Trump defense,” claiming either Trump himself, or Fox News, are responsible for their actions on that day in Washington DC

–Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson, who claims to be for the people and for transparency, is opposed to an investigation into the January 6th Trump riots

–Eric Trump and Andrew Giuliani both appear on Fox News and attempt to outdo each other with the most harebrained and absurd interview of the day

–Donald Trump appears to abandon Rudy Giuliani as the walls close in from the standpoint of an investigation

–A delightful voicemail caller is telling random strangers how happy she is to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

–On the Bonus Show: Rudy Giuliani’s son s running for Governor of New York, Bank of America will raise minimum wage to $25 by 2025, no masks required at most Texas state facilities anymore, much more…

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