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Stocks hit new record, Trump PANICS about RFK at debates

May 16, 2024

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— Federico Finchelstein, world-renowned expert on fascism, populism, and dictatorship and Professor of History at the New School for Social Research, joins David to discuss his new book, “The Wannabe Fascists: A Guide to Understanding the Greatest Threat to Democracy.” Get the book:

— The stock market hits yet another all time high under President Joe Biden, acutely panicking the MAGA right wing

— Debunking the false notion held by some that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are effectively the same

— President Joe Biden’s challenge of Donald Trump to multiple presidential debates appears to have broken the brains of right wing commentators

— Debating Joe Biden could massively backfire for Donald Trump

— Hugh Hewitt’s softball interview of Donald Trump goes horribly wrong as Trump is unable to behave coherently

— Donald Trump appears terrified at the possibility that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could make the debate stage alongside Trump and Biden, but a review of the facts makes this seem very unlikely

— Voicemail caller’s mom is descending into a conspiracy theory spiral

— On the Bonus Show: Target scales back LGBTQ+ merchandise ahead of Pride month, more Americans falling behind on credit card bills, crew trapped on Baltimore ship seven weeks after bridge collapse, much more…

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