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Michael Cohen testimony triggers Trump, Biden winning war on crime

May 14, 2024

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— On the Show:

— A deep dive into how Donald Trump violated just about every single Republican principle they claimed to believe in

— An exploration into the possibility that Democrats win the presidency, House, and Senate following the 2024 election

— President Joe Biden is winning the war on crime after Trump lost it, and corporate media is barely talking about it

— Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, testifies against Trump in his criminal trial, and it does not go well for Trump

— Donald Trump struggles to make a statement on his way into criminal court for Michael Cohen’s testimony

— After Michael Cohen’s testimony against him, Donald Trump explodes in a furious tirade

— Donald Trump’s lapdogs, including Senators Tommy Tuberville and JD Vance, show up with Trump in court to defend him

— Eric Trump is interviewed on Fox News after Michael Cohen’s testimony against Donald Trump, and it does not go well

— Voicemail caller has a question about the cutting off of men’s genitalia in connection with abortion although the voicemail is difficult to understand

— On the Bonus Show: Republican representative files impeachment articles using Democratic precedent set during Trump administration, Democrats urge Biden to investigate grocery store price-fixing, GameStop surges after meme stock investor “Roaring Kitty” resurfaces online, much more…

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