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May 11, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Matt Desmond, Professor of Sociology at Princeton University and author of the book “Poverty, By America,” joins David to discuss poverty in the United States. Get the book:

— Failed former President Donald Trump lies uncontrollably during a CNN Town Hall hosted by Kaitlan Collins in front of a sycophant crowd

— CNN’s Donald Trump town hall was a total disgrace, pushing journalism closer to a humiliating collapse

— Was CNN’s Donald Trump town hall the most corrosive event in news television history?

— Lying Republican Congressman George Santos holds an outrageous press conference after being arrested for 13 different criminal charges

— The arrest warrant and indictment for lying Republican Congressman George Santos is released

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney has the correct reaction to the arrest of Republican Congressman George Santos

— Voicemail callers are generally disgusted with CNN’s Trump town hall

— On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan was worried about accepting free bagels, Fox News hit with another lawsuit, Senator Dianne Feinstein returns to Senate for first votes since February, much more…

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