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March 7, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff joins David to discuss his 2024 Senate candidacy, his reaction to Donald Trump calling him watermelon head, the future of college education, and much more

— Exploring the possibility that CNN become the new Fox News in 2024

— Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants bloggers to have to “register” with the state, a horrifying and dystopian proposal

— After the blowback over his call to “eradicate” transgenderism, right wing extremist Michael Knowles pretends words have no meaning

— Failed Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is confronted by previous David Pakman Show guest Tim Miller, and she reacts by lying and making fun of his clothing

— Donald Trump obsessively attacks Ron DeSantis daily despite DeSantis not actually being a candidate against Trump at this time

— Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson, also Donald Trump’s former doctor, uses Joe Biden’s recent skin cancer to attack him

— Voicemail caller asks about the origins of “mayonnaise” brains

— On the Bonus Show: Bipartisan rail safety bill runs into Republican roadblock, Gavin Newsom says california won’t do business with Walgreen’s over abortion pill issue, Trump’s threat of a third party run undercut by “sore loser” laws, much more…

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