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March 4, 2022

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–On the Show:

–US and British governments believe that the Russia-Ukrainian war could potentially last 10-20 years

–Russian policy adviser Andrey Kortunov appears to break ranks with Putin, calling the invasion of Ukraine embarrassing and shocking

–Republican Florida Governor bullies high school students into taking off their masks during a recent public appearance

–Caller asks how Donald Trump would have dealt with the invasion of Ukraine

–Caller talks about teaching financial literacy

–Caller wonders why Democrats aren’t good at talking about issues

–Caller discusses Joe Biden’s State of the Union

–Caller asks why people are drawn to authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin

–Caller questions why NATO hasn’t sent troops into Ukraine

–Caller wonders why union members often vote Republican

–David responds to some of the latest viewer emails

–On the Bonus Show: Russia attacks nuclear power plant in Ukraine, Moldova applies for EU membership, Boebert votes against bill for veterans after heckling Biden, and much more…

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