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March 30, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump cancels his idea of being “open” on Easter, extends social distancing guidelines over the coronavirus until at least April 30, which is the correct, albeit it frustrating, decision to make

–Donald Trump’s entire “open on Easter” idea was part of a God complex gone wrong meant to appeal to evangelical Christians

–Donald Trump’s deranged obsession with coronavirus “ratings” won’t abate despite the bodies continuing to pile up

–Fox News panics as Donald Trump degenerates into bragging about coronavirus “ratings,” cutting away and rephrasing what Donald Trump is doing in real time

–Donald Trump wildly blames New York hospitals for possible “theft” of masks to avoid taking responsibility himself for his failed response

–Donald Trump still appears not to understand the virus, asking whether it is a germ or a flu and claiming “no one really knows what it is” during a recent press briefing

–It is revealed that Donald Trump sent ventilators and masks to China in February despite blaming Barack Obama for the shortage we are experiencing today

–Unfortunately, Doctor Deborah Birx appears to have been lobotomized by Donald Trump, increasingly sounding like a political hack rather than a medical doctor

–Donald Trump’s mental health appears to be degrading quickly over the coronavirus fiasco

–Voicemail caller asks whether David has been sued for libel or slander over comments made on The David Pakman Show

–On the Bonus Show: Pat’s rainstorm fiasco, dealing with coronavirus isolation, Infowars kicked off of Google Play, the erosion of deep literacy, and much more…

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