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March 3, 2021

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–On the Show:

–President Joe Biden advances the COVID vaccine timeline, promising enough vaccines for every American by the end of May 2021

–Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announces the end of COVID guidelines, that all businesses can open at full capacity, and ends the state mask mandate

–Joe Biden’s nominee for running the Office of Budget and Management, Neera Tanden, withdraws her nomination after it becomes clear she would not get confirmed by the Senate

–It is revealed that Donald and Melania Trump were vaccinated against COVID in January but kept it secret

–Right wing media, absent any policy ideas or accomplishments to point to, become obsessed with Dr Seuss

–Outrageous radical right wing pastor Rick Wiles goes on a rant that sounds slightly leftist, but in reality is merely a conspiracy theory

–Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene rants on the floor of the House that going through a metal detector to enter the House is a form of voter suppression

–Law enforcement is on alert as March 4 is the next fabricated milestone on which conspiracy theorists believe Donald Trump will return to the presidency of the United States

–Voicemail caller explains that his COPD improved when he got off of processed foods and started eating a whole food diet with fruits and vegetables

–On the Bonus Show: Dems could gut filibuster without ending it, Twitch backtracks on “womxn,” when will masks stop being a thing, much more…

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