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March 22, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Prosecutors believe they have the evidence to charge some of the January 6 Trump rioters with sedition

–Despite beliefs from some on the left and right that Joe Biden will be a “neo-liberal warmonger,” Biden is reviewing and reconsidering the United States’ global troop presence

–Debunking painfully false claims that gas and diesel prices have been increasing lately because of Joe Biden being President

–Will Donald Trump be the first President to ever be criminally charged?

–Trump supporters in a diner in Oklahoma turn on Trump over the topic of the coronavirus vaccine in a fascinating CNN segment

–Fox Host Jeanine Pirro is stunned when guest David Leopold confronts her about her lies, and she abruptly ends the interview

–Republican Senator Tom Cotton crumbles when Fox News host Chris Wallace confronts him over his blatant hypocrisy about the three COVID relief bills

–Supposedly “patriotic” Republicans and Fox News are openly rooting for Vladimir Putin in the latest fabricated drama between Joe Biden and the foreign leader

–Voicemail caller wonders what’s happening with Rudy Giuliani lately

–On the Bonus Show: Miami Beach declares state of emergency over spring breakers, Dems slam Biden over staff marijuana policy, Putin challenges Biden to a debate, much more…

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